Opie’s Candy Store is located on North Main Street in downtown Mount Airy, NC, the hometown of Andy Griffith and the inspiration for Mayberry on the classic sitcom, “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Opie’s specializes in “Olde-Tyme” goodies you knew as a kid like Mary Janes, Maple Nut Goodies, and Double Dip Peanuts.  Young and old alike come into Opie’s Candy Store from all over the country and other parts of the world for the friendly folks and down home sweet treats.


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Opie's Candy Store

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iiiiiiii want caandy (you’re singing it too 😉) 🍫🍬🍭 Opie’s Candy Store located in Downtown Mount Airy has a huge selection of old-fashioned candy. Chocolates, clusters, gum drops, licorice, gummies, hard candies and so much more!

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Opie's Candy Store

Come in and celebrate with any of our 18 flavors! ...

Come in and celebrate with any of our 18 flavors!


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We loved your store! We came from Ohio to visit you.

Mark Brantley lets go

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Opie's Candy Store

At the age of 15, Andy’s love for Jack Teagarden (Trombonist) and swing music led him to make a momentous purchase from a Spiegel catalog. He purchased a trombone. Andy said, “it took me five and a half months, but then I got this trombone and I was the happiest boy in all of North Carolina...It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever owned. For two months I admired it and polished it and wondered what to do with it because there was nobody in our town to teach music. Then I heard about this minister (Rev. Edward Timothy Mickey) with the Moravian Church (Grace Moravian). People said he knew all about music...For three years, he gave me a free lesson a week. Ed Mickey taught me to sing and to read music and to play every brass instrument there was in the band. He also talked me into studying voice and I wound up singing solos all over Mount Airy. The joy that brought me made me know that I had to pursue it.” #followyourdreams 🎼 Big thank you to Rev. Mickey and the Moravian Church for teaching Andy music 🎶. For more information about Grace Moravian Church and the Moravian’s visit www.gracemoravianchurch.org and www.moravian.org. #andygriffith #jackteagarden #music #trombone #brassband #singer #moravian #nevergiveup #dreambig #andygriffithmuseum ...